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Core Values

Our Mission

At Labenz & Associates LLC, not only do we value the relationships we have established with the clients we serve, but we also value our employees.  Just as the list of clients we serve represents a measure of our success as a certified public accounting firm, the values adhered to by our employees characterize the high level of services we provide to those clients.  With that in mind, we have established the following listing of core values.  These core values symbolize what our organization is and what we cherish.  They are beliefs that manifest in how employees interact in the workplace and represent their most significant commitment to what they find most important.


Leaders in Our Profession

Team Dedicated to and for One Another

uilders in the Community We Serve

xceeding Our Clients’ Expectations

Not willing to Compromise Our Values, Integrity and the Confidence of Our Clients

ealous in Our Pursuit of Tax and Accounting Solutions for Our Clients